ESPN shows scenario in which Amari Cooper doesn’t work for the Cleveland Browns

Cleveland Browns receiver Amari Cooper runs after making a catch during training camp on Friday, Aug. 5, 2022 in Berea.Akr 8 5 Browns 14
Cleveland Browns receiver Amari Cooper runs after making a catch during training camp on Friday, Aug. 5, 2022 in Berea.Akr 8 5 Browns 14 /

Could Amari Cooper disappoint the Cleveland Browns faithful?

The Cleveland Browns landed Amari Cooper for dirt cheap from the Dallas Cowboys and that should worry everyone. I’ve said this a dozen times before but maybe, someone, anyone will actually see the reason to be concerned.

You don’t give away elite talent for mid-round picks. It just doesn’t happen. Even the Houston Texans recouped a second-rounder for Deandre Hopkins and the Texans were managed by a fool and owned by an idiot.

I think Cooper has some issues physically that are going underreported and I don’t think he’s an elite guy anymore. If it seems too good to be true, it usually is. ESPN believes there’s a scenario in which Cooper struggles as well, but they don’t agree with my reasoning.

Jake Trotter thinks it’s going to be the unit’s fault that Cooper struggles, saying in his ESPN article;

"What could go wrong? The unit around Cooper is mostly unproven, which means all the attention from opposing defenses will be squarely on him. That will be a stark change from all the talent he played with at receiver in Dallas."

The Cleveland Browns receiving corp is going to have issues in 2022

There was a time when a lot of Browns fans were “excited” for this receiving corp. They’re not so excited anymore. The Browns are going to be leaning heavily on Cooper, a sixth-round draft pick in Donovan Peoples-Jones who could very well be playing his last year in Cleveland, and two rookies who are complete unknowns.

The Browns are not in a place anymore to showcase what this talent can do, and without Deshaun Watson’s play-making ability to help these guys out, the receivers are going to be the onus of each passing play and that’s going to be horrendous.

With Watson, he’s so talented that he could make a below-average receiver very good, simply by giving him enough time to get open. At that point all the guy has to do is catch the ball. Without Watson, the Browns receivers have to pinpoint perfect with their routes, have to show an ability to get separation, and get defenders’ hands away from them; all in a timely enough manner to catch a football.

It’s not easy, and only the best can really do that. That’s why having a good quarterback is so key. if you have an average or below-average quarterback, it doesn’t matter how good of a receiving corp you have. They’re going to have as much impact scoring touchdowns as punters at that point.

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