3 Cleveland Browns who need a big game against the Carolina Panthers

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The Cleveland Browns have the Carolina Panthers on Sunday and these three men need to step up.

The Cleveland Browns have Baker Mayfield and the Carolina Panthers on Sunday in what will be the first real action of the season for both clubs. Mayfield will make his first start for the Panthers after four seasons with the Browns in a game that will set the tone for the rest of each team’s seasons.

The Browns are a team of two identities, a Super Bowl contender with their embattled quarterback on one hand, and on the other a team with flaws that may be exploited on the other. So for the Browns to get off to a good start, they’re going to need some guys to step up and have a big day.

Firstly, we’re not counting Nick Chubb because we know what he can do. He’ll step up, he always does. Secondly, we’re not looking at the receivers, as they’re only as good as the guy throwing them the ball usually. I don’t have high hopes for someone like Amari Cooper to have a big season, let alone a big game.

So we’re going to focus more on guys who aren’t expected to play well and need to.

Three Cleveland Browns who need to step up

John Johnson

It’s ironic that John Johnson is so talkative these days, considering how bad he’s been for the Browns. Maybe it was simply due to him needing time to adjust or maybe the Los Angeles Rams had every reason in the world to not re-sign him. Either way, Johnson needs a big game if the Browns hope to slow down Mayfield and the Panthers.

Jacoby Brissett

It’s hard to imagine that there are people, who know the game of football, who are optimistic about this season with Brissett at the helm. If he can have a decent game, and not turn the ball over while letting the running backs do their thing, maybe, just maybe the Browns have a shot.

Ethan Pocic

The Browns have an issue at center, and it’s very likely it gets exploited. While it’s true the team has three All-Pros on the line, one weak link sinks the ship. Considering the Browns have two weak links (Pocic and Jedrick Wills), the Browns are going to have to get creative with their blocking schemes. If the line fails to open up holes, and the running game can’t get going due to Pocic, then this team has no shot at winning.

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