3 Reasons the Cleveland Browns will lose vs. the Atlanta Falcons

The Cleveland Browns could very easily lose to the Atlanta Falcons on Sunday.

The Cleveland Browns are an odd team. They could have been 3-0 just as easily as they could’ve been 1-2. This is a team that has gone down to the final few minutes in every game this season and has gotten to two wins in three tries mostly due to luck.

The Browns are heading down to Atlanta to face the Falcons and it’s very likely that the Browns leave with a loss, just as much as it is they leave with a win. The Falcons are a better team than the Jets and are on par if not better than the Panthers and Steelers, so this is not a game to take lightly.

The Atlanta Falcons aren’t relying on just one guy either, they’re a team on a mission and that makes them very dangerous. Sure, that type of play can’t be sustained all year, and maybe they don’t come out swinging against the Cleveland Browns, but if the Falcons play the Browns as well as they have against the Saints, Rams, and Seahawks, then the Falcons could find a way to win.

Three reasons why the Atlanta Falcons could win against the Cleveland Browns

Myles Garrett’s availability unknown

Myles Garrett was involved in a one-car accident on Monday after he allegedly lost control of his car. It has been claimed that he swerved to avoid an animal on the road, though an investigation is underway. While Garrett suffered no broken bones, even if he suffered no significant tearing to anything, he still may miss the game due to general soreness. Walking away from a crash isn’t exactly a comfortable thing to do. If the Browns don’t have him on defense, there really won’t be a pass rush to speak of, and with the issues to the secondary, that spells disaster for this defense.

This Falcons’ X-Factor

The Falcons don’t have a good team. Their best players are developing still, and they’re doing what they’re doing mostly out of good coaching. Yet, coaching can only get you so far, eventually, you’re going to need some sort of consistent performance from your best guys. Until that day happens, the Falcons can win games simply off of this X-Factor they’ve developed in the first few games. This team is hard to put away and the Browns may find that out firsthand.

Cleveland Browns will run out of luck eventually

Just like with the Falcons’ X-Factor, the Browns have been a very lucky team this year. They haven’t made any mistakes on offense outside of the first week, and the team has largely survived the mounting injuries on defense. Eventually, that luck is going to change. They’re not always going to be able to rely on a ref getting a fake spike call wrong. The other issue is the offense, they’re playing mistake-free football but for how long? Eventually, these things come due and when that happens, the Browns may take a bigger shot than they were expecting.