Jacoby Brissett is going to play poorly at times for the Cleveland Browns and that’s ok

Cleveland Browns quarterback Jacoby Brissett watches from the sideline during the NFL football team's football training camp in Berea on Tuesday.Brissett Camp 2
Cleveland Browns quarterback Jacoby Brissett watches from the sideline during the NFL football team's football training camp in Berea on Tuesday.Brissett Camp 2 /

Jacoby Brissett was never a top guy and remains the best option for the Cleveland Browns.

There are Cleveland Browns fans who are demanding Jacoby Brissett be replaced already after just four games. While the team is 2-2 and atop the AFC North standings as part of a tie, Brissett has looked bad in the first and fourth games of the year against the Panthers and Falcons, while looking very good in the second and third games against the Jets and Steelers.

What Brissett can’t do well, at least do well often, is throw deep. He’s not someone who can stretch the field but if given time to throw, he can find passes underneath, help eat the clock and keep the opposing team’s offense off the field.

That’s the best he can do, grind out a long, time-consuming series. He’s not someone you can rely on to stretch the field and score. He did lead a comeback against the Panthers, but two blown calls from the refs, one including him double pumping a fake spike as he backed up, would have cost him the win in any other game. He has holes in his game. He’s not perfect. He’s a flawed player.

He’s also the best option the Cleveland Browns have.

The Cleveland Browns replacing Jacoby Brissett makes no sense

If you’re someone who thinks Brissett should be benched, let me just ask you a simple question; for who? Joshua Dobbs couldn’t beat out Mason Rudolph, and fans think he can come in and play well against the best defenses in the league. If he couldn’t beat the Browns’ second or third-team defenses in practice, a unit whose best players rank 28th in the NFL, how is he supposed to do well against the top defenses in the NFL?

A free agent isn’t going to help things, as he’ll need weeks, if not a month-plus, to get on the same page as the offense, and considering Brissett’s issues aren’t based on rhythm or chemistry, how much better, if at all, could a team with a free agent be?

Lastly, there’s the idea of replacing him with someone you trade for. The Browns aren’t willing to trade Kareem Hunt, who wants to leave, because they value him. If they’re not going to trade away guys they can get something for to help them this year or next, why would they give up draft picks, picks they desperately need, to get a quarterback for a few months?

Brissett’s performances were never going to be great. He was an average player at best and was not going to be someone who can dominate a game. This wasn’t new. No one paying attention is shocked, or even mad about his play.

Brissett has been exceeding his talent ceiling a lot this season, and that should be commended. He’s just not a Top 10 or Top 30 quarterback in the league. But the idea that anyone could do better this late into the season is laughable.

It takes months to learn the playbook and if you’re relying on Dobbs or Josh Rosen to come in and spark the offense, good luck. If Kevin Stefanski is the football guru so many claims he is, one would think if Dobbs or Rosen were a better fit than Brissett as the team’s current starter, they would’ve broken camp with them as the backup.

Brissett isn’t great but he’s the best option the Browns have, so get used to it.

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