One player can remake the Cleveland Browns defense in a single trade

Cleveland Browns Dontrell Hilliard(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Dontrell Hilliard(Photo by Matthew Stockman/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns need to trade for Bradley Chubb.

Over the last few days, we’ve looked at the Cleveland Browns and their need for a new presence on the defense. Deion Jones, the former Atlanta Falcons linebacker, was already dealt to the Cleveland Browns this week, but he’s more of a traditional middle linebacker that doesn’t really rush the quarterback. The Browns are one of the worst teams at getting to the quarterback. Myles Garrett isn’t doing his job, Jadeveon Clowney for all his hype isn’t known for his ability to get the quarterback, and the defense as a whole is just lackluster.

Adding Bradley Chubb would certainly change that.

Chubb, the current Denver Bronco linebacker would likely play defensive end for the Browns, which would be fine as the Browns can rotate Clowney and Garrett to the inside defensive tackle spot every so often, and Chubb could also line up as a nickel linebacker to help add some more pressure to the opposing teams’ defense.

The Broncos aren’t going anywhere, and it’s either due to a bad quarterback or a bad head coach. So with Chubb being on an expiring deal, it makes sense the team trades him. As with other suggestions we’ve suggested the Browns trade for, Chubb would be a long-term option to replace Clowney. Assuming the Browns re-sign him.

Acquiring Chubb wouldn’t just be a nice option for the defense but it may appease the team’s best player.

Bradley Chubb has ties to the Cleveland Browns resident MVP contender

If the last name is familiar, it should be, as Bradley Chubb is in fact cousins with the Cleveland Browns’ very own running back Nick Chubb. The cousins haven’t really done on the same team as far I can tell. They lived in different cities during high school, Bradley went to North Carolina State and Nick went to the University of Georgia.

It’d be neat to see the cousins on the same team, even if only for a season and even if they play on opposite ends of the field.

Considering how badly the Browns need help getting to the quarterback and how good Bradley Chubb can be at creating pressure, this trade just makes too much sense, even without factoring in the family ties.

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