Donovan Peoples-Jones among Cleveland Browns with raised stocks

The Cleveland Browns fell to the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday but some names still performed well.

The Cleveland Browns were unable to beat the Cincinnati Bengals on Sunday, and the team looked quite awful on both sides of the ball. Deshaun Watson, who was back in only his second game since serving an 11-game suspension for sexual assault, played better than he did last week against the Houston Texans but that’s not saying much.

Watson was much improved but far from what he needs to be with a contract the size he has. Myles Garrett also had a big game, with two sacks, but as he’s the top performer on defense, it’s really hard to say his stock rose, more like he actually lived up to his contract.

A name that deserves some appreciation is Perrion Winfrey but due to his attitude issues and inconsistent play, he’s got a big hill to climb before he makes a list like this.

Three Cleveland Browns with rising stocks

Donovan Peoples-Jones

Yes, Donovan Peoples-Jones dropped a sure-fire touchdown on Sunday, but he still had eight receptions for over 100 yards and that’s impressive. Especially considering how cold Amari Cooper and Watson are towards one another on the field. Cooper has been a non-threat since Watson’s arrival and that means that Peoples-Jones will have to deal with more eyes on him than usual. He did well but he’s still inconsistent.

Deion Jones

The former Pro Bowler for the Atlanta Falcons actually looked like his old self for a game. Deion Jones has not been a good addition since the Browns picked him up from the Falcons, but against the Bengals on Sunday, he was everywhere. He was making plays, being assertive, and controlling guys at the point of attack. He seemed like a real player in this defense.

Taven Bryan

While Taven Bryan didn’t register much in the way of stats, PFF gave him an overall of 78.5. While PFF isn’t the final say in player evaluation. That said, considering how hard PFF has been on him over the year, I would say that in this specific case, that grade alone warrants a reference.