The Athletic suggests a defensive tackle for the Cleveland Browns first draft pick in 2023

The Cleveland Browns need a lot of help in the 2023 NFL Draft but is Dane Brugler’s suggestion the best option?

The Cleveland Browns have a lot of holes they need to worry about in the 2022 NFL Draft. The team has a few gaping holes but not enough draft picks to realistically fill them all. The team can probably find two or three guys to start instantly but the rest of the picks will be inexpensive backups at best. So prioritizing what positions get the priority will be important. The Athletic’s Dane Brugler believes the Browns should take a defensive tackle first ahead of other positions.

He suggests Michigan defensive tackle Mazi Smith, who he believes will be there in the 2nd round when the Browns finally have a chance to take a pick. The Browns could use someone the size of Smith for sure. He’s nearly 6’4, and well over 330 lbs, making him the heaviest player the team would have by 30 pounds, and would make him among the taller players on the line.

Without looking at his measurables or game footage, that alone makes him a desirable option for the team to consider. Part of the issue with the last few years of defensive line play was the fact their tackles were able to be pushed off the line of scrimmage far too often. So he would provide an instant upgrade over a lot of the guys on the team already.

There are two other positions the Cleveland Browns need to consider as well

I’m of the mindset that the Browns have too many holes to prioritize just one position at pick 42, so the team should consider drafting the best player on the board out of a few positions. While the team needs corner depth, safety help, and depth on both lines, the three positions that need to be handled first are receiver, defensive tackle, and linebacker.

Whoever the top guy is on the board out of those positions should be first, as those positions on the team are going to be among the most important with this new focus on offense and defense.