The Cleveland Browns have the sixth worst collection of draft picks in 2023

The Cleveland Browns have one of the worst crops of draft selections for 2023

One of the more annoying things about NFL Draft coverage is all the fans that think a fifth-round pick is just as valuable as a first-round pick. Most of us agree they’re not even close, but some people think you can find seven starters in a draft if you have one pick in every round. That’s not going to happen.

Some people, not all, not even that many, but some will live and die with the idea that a fifth-round pick could be exactly what the team needs before ever stepping on an NFL field. They think a third-round pick is an obvious Pro Bowler. We saw this a lot last year with third-round pick David Bell and sixth-round pick Michael Woods. Fans wanted the team to upgrade the entire receiving corp and drafting these two apparently satisfied some fans, with many hyping up Bell’s alleged impact. Both had terrible rookie years and now the Browns are once again looking for help at receiver.

We also saw it with Richard LeCounte, a fifth-round pick that everyone said was a steal and could push for a starting role. He’s with the Los Angeles Rams a year and a half year later. Not every draft spot is created equal and PFF is here to remind you of that the next time you think a fifth-rounder is going to push for a Pro Bowl as a rookie.

The Cleveland Browns have finally proven that not all draft picks are equal

According to PFF, the Browns contain the 6th worst collection of draft picks for the 2023 NFL Draft. Luckily, the Ravens and Bengals are right there with us, and the Steelers haven’t been totally great at hitting their picks either, so all is not lost.

Nor is this completely unexpected. There’s not going to be any outrage toward the franchise that they have such crap picks. We knew this would happen after the Browns made *that* trade. The problem comes with the fact that even with great value, and a lot of high-end picks, the Browns have missed and missed often under this regime.

So now the task of improving the team, while replacing some guys becomes all that much harder.