What free agents in the Top 101 should the Cleveland Browns consider?

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The Cleveland Browns should take a look at these Top 75 players

We’re doing the final list of three players to that the Cleveland Browns should sign based on NFL.com’s Top 101 players. This is the third list, where we break down different tiers of free agents and who should be signed. Each list saw us going through a different tier of free agents across these lists. The first tier list looked at Pro Bowl caliber players (No. 30-No.1). The second looked at solid starters for the team, (No.75-No.31) while this list will look at rotational fits for the Browns (No. 76-No. 101).

The other two lists are already up

Each list has different expectations. Our first list saw three names, but due to financial restrictions, we would only recommend of the three get signed. The second list saw us suggesting two players get signed in any combination. This list will see us suggest three players, all of whom we hope get signed by the Browns.

Now, let’s see who makes the final list.

83. S Taylor Rapp

Taylor Rapp is an all-around great defensive back. He can play any spot at safety, and maybe even a third or fourth corner in the right situation. He’s a former Super Bowl-winning safety with the Los Angeles Rams, plus he’s still pretty young, not even 26 years old as of press time. He’s someone the Browns should want to have in their secondary.

The team already signed Juan Thornhill and Rapp would be the perfect compliment to him in the secondary. Thornhill is a good all-around safety, while Rapp really does great against the run. His coverage skills are also good enough that he won’t be a huge liability. He won’t dominate in that area, but the hope is that Denzel Ward, Martin Emerson, and Greg Newsome are a good enough trio that the Browns don’t have to worry about getting beat deep.

The Browns need two safeties at least in free agency, as they let two of their starters go in free agency and there isn’t any on the team from 2022 that gives anyone confidence. Rapp on a short-term deal makes a load of sense.

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