Perrion Winfrey proves the Cleveland Browns management is all bark and no bite

LANDOVER, MD - JANUARY 01: Perrion Winfrey #97 of the Cleveland Browns in action against the Washington Commanders during the second half of the game at FedExField on January 1, 2023 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images)
LANDOVER, MD - JANUARY 01: Perrion Winfrey #97 of the Cleveland Browns in action against the Washington Commanders during the second half of the game at FedExField on January 1, 2023 in Landover, Maryland. (Photo by Scott Taetsch/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns look pretty bad the longer Perrion Winfrey remains on the team.

There’s a great line from “Remember the Titans” that needs to be repeated time and time again; “Attitude reflects leadership.” This is the issue with the Cleveland Browns as it stands right now. They are a team filled with confrontational personalities from the ownership down to the players. There’s constant upheaval and turmoil within the team due to that.

Austin Hooper claims the Browns management leaked fake stories to make Baker Mayfield look bad, so they could justify moving on from him. The team refused to move on from guys like Odell Beckham and Kareem Hunt who were unhappy (and more than likely made things harder to deal with), they brought in guys like Jadeveon Clowney who made the whole team look foolish due to his behavior. They brought in famed assaulter Deshaun Watson. The owners threw their own daughters under the bus when doing so, basically putting all of the responsibility on them. They brought in Malik McDowell despite years of reasons not to, and he’d go on to make Andrew Berry and co. look bad in the process.

This team is poorly managed and it’s not even a question. The team has no salary cap space to make meaningful additions to the team, nor does it have any significant draft picks to actually be able to use and build up the team long-term.

And if we need any other reason to just look at the management of this team and walk away, it’s the fact that Perrion Winfrey still has a job, despite being one of the most problematic players we’ve seen in some time. Noah Weiskopf of Sports Illustrated revealed just some of the known nonsense that has gone on with Winfrey and the Browns.

We already know that Winfrey was arrested for allegedly abusing his girlfriend, but that’s just the tip of the iceberg. Here is what Weiskopf was told happened involving Winfrey since he got drafted;

  • Was suspended heading into Week 2 due to missing practices
  • Winfrey got into a screaming match in the locker room after the Week 7 loss to Baltimore
  • Week 10 saw Winfrey a healthy scratch again.
  • Several weeks later, Winfrey was involved in a scooter accident and suffered a concussion.
  • Arrested on April 10, 2023, for causing bodily harm to a woman he was dating

The man just causes problems.

What’s made worse by all of this, is the fact that Kevin Stefanski made no attempts to hold Winfrey accountable publically after the Week 7 loss, making him seem pretty toothless as a coach.

And if you had any faith in Stefanski as a coach, or Berry as a GM (“smart, tough accountable players”), it’s the fact that despite Winfrey having a slew of behavioral issues that are not being addressed, and the fact he’s facing some serious charges right now, the Browns still don’t have the guts to cut him.

The Cleveland Browns are “gathering information” on Perrion Winfrey

The Cleveland Browns can let Winfrey go at any time, for any reason. Why they’re not doing so is beyond me. When asked by the press about Winfrey during a press conference on Tuesday, Stefanski once again hid behind his veil of secrets and opted to be vague when it comes to the team’s handling of Winfrey, saying that they’re gathering the information and that he won’t go beyond that yet in public.

Accountability was the whole selling point of Berry, Stefanski, and the 2020 Cleveland Browns. Berry made it his mission statement that they will have smart, tough, and accountable players. And while some fans will hate the fact I’m not sitting here with pom poms and blowing sunshine and rainbows at you, I can’t tell a lie; this team is anything but smart, tough, and accountable.

They constantly make dumb decisions, like not moving on from players that could hold them back, or going with boneheaded calls during a game because the statistics challenge common sense. This team isn’t tough, as the in-fighting has all but destroyed what chemistry they could’ve and should’ve had, as well as the failure to become a perennial playoff team.

Though, you could argue the team is tough, as in tough to watch, with two back-to-back losing seasons.

And no one, not from Jimmy and Dee Haslam, to Andrew Berry, to Kevin Stefanski, or any of the players are actually held accountable for their actions. Keep in mind we know for a fact that Myles Garrett has a history of driving recklessly, only for him to wreck his car due to his reckless driving, and nearly killing another person in the wreck. And still yet, the team refuses to punish him.

So of course Winfrey’s on the team. Why wouldn’t he be? Everything the owners, management, and coaches have said is either vague or not true.

We need to stop believing the nonsense that comes out of Berea. They prove every time there’s a problem that you can’t rely on them to be open, honest, and moral.

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