Perrion Winfrey has a chance to make the Cleveland Browns now that his assault charges are dropped

Cleveland Browns Perrion Winfrey (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images)
Cleveland Browns Perrion Winfrey (Photo by Nick Cammett/Getty Images) /

The Cleveland Browns may give Perrion Winfrey another shot.

Cleveland Browns defensive tackle, Perrion Winfrey, found himself in hot water when he assaulted a woman he knew. It seemed like that incident, plus his reputation in college, as well as his poor play and problematic behavior on the team last season, would all combine to see him be removed from the team entirely. It was becoming harder and harder to justify his behavior, and with his lackluster play and overcrowding at the position he plays, it seemed like he was on his way out.

Then it was announced on June 12, that the charges against Winfrey for assaulting a woman had been dropped after Winfrey completed a pretrial diversion program. That diversion program all but cements that Winfrey has issues with controlling his behavior, and while he won’t stand trial for assaulting the woman, you won’t find many people claiming him to be innocent.

Winfrey won’t be charged criminally for this incident and that will give him time to distance himself from this moment in time. Due to this being a very favorable outcome for Winfrey, it’s become far more likely than not that he makes this team this season.

The Cleveland Browns have proven time and time again that they’ll look past attitude and behavioral issues if that player can help them win, and the team still thinks Winfrey can help them win.

The Cleveland Browns don’t need Perrion Winfrey

The lack of a criminal charge all but gives Browns GM Andrew Berry all the justification in the world to bring back Winfrey. Though, it’s not like the Browns need Winfrey. Last year he was a disaster of a player, largely inconsistent and unable to make even the most minor of impacts. He was one of the lowest-rated players last year according to PFF. And we’re not talking lowest rated on the team but in the league.

He posted a PFF grade of 41.6, proving to be the icing on an already bad year for Winfrey.

The Browns got new players at the position, and have players that are better than Winfrey. Keeping him around isn’t necessary, and the hope is that the Browns won’t cut players with higher ceilings to just keep Winfrey around.

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  • Published on 06/13/2023 at 01:12 AM
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