Ranking the 15 Best Browns Players Heading into the 2023 Season

Who are the best Cleveland Browns on the roster for 2023?

Myles Garrett headlines the list of the 15 best Browns players that we ranked ahead of the 2023 season.
Myles Garrett headlines the list of the 15 best Browns players that we ranked ahead of the 2023 season. / David Dermer-USA TODAY Sports
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9. Dalvin Tomlinson

At different times, Dalvin Tomlinson has been both a top-15 interior d-lineman in run defense and in pass rushing according to Pro Football Focus.

With surprising quickness and athleticism for a 325-pounder, Tomlinson has the skillset to be an every-down defender, but he also doesn't necessarily have the gas tank to do that. He's never played a defensive snap rate above 60%, and that's part of why the Shelby Harris addition was so key after having already signed Tomlinson.

But man, there's no denying how dominant Tomlinson can be when he's on the field.

Tomlinson generated pressures (sack, QB hit or hurry) on almost 10% of his pass-rush snaps in 2022 despite the fact that his role as an interior rusher is more often about shrinking the pocket and absorbing blockers than about actually getting after the QB.

Now imagine what that's going to look like when Myles Garrett, the most-double-teamed pass rusher in the NFL is on the edge?

Jim Schwartz' defenses in Philly did a great job of maximizing talents all over the d-line, and Tomlinson himself should feast while also opening opportunities for everyone else to thrive to. He's a great player, and his fit in the defense is even greater.

8. Ethan Pocic

Continuity is very valuable on the offensive line, but that continuity is only worth so much if it's not coming from talented players.

Well, Ethan Pocic was a new piece on the Browns' offensive line in 2022, and his talent and performacne made it clear that we're going to want to keep him around for a long time.

Pocic graded out well in both run blocking and pass protection in 2022, and Pro Football Focus had him as the No. 3 center in the NFL. That was an incredibly pleasant surprise considering he was coming off a couple good-but-not-great years with the Seattle Seahawks when we brough him in.

It's often hard to separate an individual lineman's play out from the performance of the entire unit, but Pocic was a very valuable part of one of the NFL's best offensive lines in 2022.