3 Bold Predictions Around the AFC North on the Browns Week 5 Bye

Time to watch some of our division rivals lose this week.

3 bold predictions for the AFC North in Week 5.
3 bold predictions for the AFC North in Week 5. / David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Kenny Pickett Outduels Lamar Jackson

This one goes back to my first prediction, but if I'm calling the Steelers to win then I must be expecting a big game from Pickett.

It's been an uneven start for Pickett, to say the least. His completion rate is down from 63.0% last year to 60.6%, and he's thrown as many touchdowns as interceptions (4).

That said, I'm not giving up on Pickett just yet. He showed a ton of heart last year and was surprisingly clutch with 3 fourth-quarter comebacks and 4 fourth-quarter drives.

He's yet to record either one of those this year, but I think it happens this week. The Ravens might go hope early, but Jackson will make a mistake or two that gets Pittsburgh back in the game and opens the door for some Pickett magic.

We already saw Pickett get the best of Cleveland at home in primetime during Week 2, and he beat Baltimore in his only full game against them last year. Pickett's also shown some big-play ability with multiple 70-yard passes this year, which will be needed to score quickly and take the top off the Ravens' stingy secondary.

Pickett's not afraid of anybody, and he'll prove that again by beating a former MVP this week.

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