3 Browns Already on the Chopping Block Before OTAs

Which Cleveland Browns players are already on the chopping block before the start of OTAs?
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The NFL offseason is in full swing at this point and teams are getting started with their offseason programs that will run from May to June. As teams get back out onto the field and get a closer look at their new-look rosters, certain players are going to be put under the microscope. Call it make-or-break, call it the roster bubble -- call it whatever you want, but there are certain players on the Cleveland Browns who are going to be under some added pressure here even ahead of OTAs.

The Browns have good depth all over the roster. Aside from maybe the question mark of what Deshaun Watson brings to the table, this is a roster with arguably the most talent 1-90 around the league. With that being the case, even some high-profile players are bound to be on the chopping block.

Let's take a look at a handful who might be in danger of losing their jobs approaching OTAs.

1. David Bell, WR

It feels like wide receiver David Bell consistently gets brought up in these kinds of discussions, and for good reason.

The Browns have basically been unable to carve out a role for him and have upgraded the position multiple times since taking him in the third round of the 2022 NFL Draft out of Purdue. Last offseason, they traded for Elijah Moore and drafted Cedric Tillman. This offseason, they traded for Jerry Jeudy.

There's no doubt that Bell has talent and is still a young player worth investing in, but do the Browns have the snaps available for him? Is he going to be able to separate himself at OTAs? He's a recent "high" draft pick who could be on the outside looking in even ahead of OTAs. I wouldn't be surprised if teams started calling about trading for him (if they haven't already).