3 Browns Already on the Chopping Block Before OTAs

Which Cleveland Browns players are already on the chopping block before the start of OTAs?
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2. Elijah Moore, WR

Speaking of the wide receiver position, I don't believe David Bell is alone in being on the proverbial "chopping block".

It's doubtful the Browns are going to simply look for ways to cut Elijah Moore, but he had a rather disappointing first year in Cleveland posting the following numbers:

  • 104 targets
  • 59 receptions
  • 640 yards
  • 2 TDs

The Browns definitely force-fed targets to Elijah Moore last season and rightfully so. They traded to acquire him and gave up the 42nd overall pick in the deal last year, so it was essential to see if he could work within the offense. It's also at least a little understandable that the Browns weren't able to get Moore rolling without Deshaun Watson on the field for a majority of the season. That certainly threw a wrench into the plans.

But still, it didn't look like the guy we'd seen back in 2021 for the New York Jets was out there. That guy averaged 12.3 yards per touch and scored six total touchdowns. That's the guy the Browns traded for, but Moore is going to need a big offseason to prove he's not on the chopping block with so many hungry young receivers behind him on the depth chart.