3 Browns to Blame for Loss to the Broncos in Week 12

The Cleveland Browns saw their three-game winning streak come to an end in Week 12 and these three players had a lot to do with their loss to the Denver Broncos.
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The Cleveland Browns fell to 7-4 with a loss to the Denver Broncos in Week 12. It was a disheartening defeat and it also saw several players suffer injuries during the game. Myles Garrett went to the sidelines shortly but the Browns also saw Amari Cooper and Dorian Thompson-Robinson head to the locker room to be evaluated.

This loss ended their three-game winning streak and while the playoffs are still in sight, they need to get momentum back in Week 13 as they travel to Los Angeles to play the Rams. Before we start looking ahead, however, let's check out three players who deserve some blame for this loss.

3. P.J. Walker, Quarterback

Cleveland was in the game up until Dorian Thompson-Robinson was injured. It was still 17-12 and they just got a huge first down due to a penalty. But that penalty also sent DTR to the sideline with a bloody lip. He was eventually ruled out with a concussion but by then, the game was over.

With P.J. Walker under center, Cleveland clearly had no confidence. That's why Kevin Stefanski called a questionable reverse and the ball went from Elijah Moore to Pierre Strong, but the running back was unable to handle the toss. Even if he had, it looked as though the play would be a huge loss — but it was much worse than that.

Strong's fumble wound up in the hands of the Broncos, who marched downfield and scored a quick touchdown to increase the lead to 24-12. Cleveland had a couple of chances to get back into the game but with Walker, it was too big of an ask as the offense never put together another decent drive.