3 Browns Draft Picks Who May Not Make the 53-Man Roster

The Cleveland Browns may not have room on the 53-man roster for all of their 2024 NFL Draft picks. Which rookies might not make the cut?
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2. Jowon Briggs, DL, Cincinnati (7th round)

One of the deepest position groups on the entire Cleveland Browns roster is on the defensive line, and that includes both defensive ends and interior linemen. Jowon Briggs was brought in to add depth and a developmental option to the interior defensive line, but what kind of uphill battle is he facing?

The Browns' top players at the position right now include:

  • Dalvin Tomlinson
  • Shelby Harris
  • Maurice Hurst
  • Quinton Jefferson
  • Siaki Ika (last year's third-round pick)
  • Michael Hall Jr. (this year's second-round pick)

Unless the Browns keep more than six guys on the interior defensive line alone, it's going to be tough for Briggs to make this final roster. He's a hustler and someone who gives high effort every single play, so you can't really count him out at this point, either. But the reality given the current state of the roster, barring injuries, is that the seventh-rounder out of Cincinnati is going to have to put his best foot forward this offseason and hope the Browns bring him back after roster cuts for a year on the practice squad.