3 Browns Most Likely to Be Traded This Offseason

Which Cleveland Browns players are most likely to be traded this offseason?

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2. Nick Chubb, RB

The idea of trading Nick Chubb to the highest bidder isn't going to sit well with a lot of Cleveland Browns fans. This guy is one of the team's truly legendary players and he's been arguably the best back in the league for a handful of years now.

But the unfortunate reality is that the 2024 offseason might be the perfect time for Cleveland to get out of Chubb's deal and take advantage of a really strong crop of free agent running backs while also maybe taking a shot in the NFL Draft.

Chubb has a cap number of $15.825 million this coming season and only $4 million in dead money if the Browns make him a pre-June 1 cut or trade. A team acquiring Chubb would have to pass him in a physical given his season-ending knee injury last year, and that could also complicate the timing of a trade, but the Browns should be able to get something decent for Chubb this offseason.

The guaranteed money is just about running out of Chubb's deal. He'll make his $11.775 million this year in base salary, but it might not be from Cleveland. This trade might not make the most sense for the Browns given the competitive window they find themselves in. They might just have to bite the bullet on the cost to keep a player like Chubb, even though his health is a question mark.

But if the Browns decide they are ready to move on and there are suitors, they could recoup a lot of cap space and maybe a couple of nice draft picks (not likely higher than a 3rd-rounder) from some other team.