3 Browns Players Whose Stock is Rising After OTAs

Which Browns players are on the rise after OTAs?
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2. Cedric Tillman, Wide Receiver

As of June, it's difficult to determine exactly what the Cleveland Browns' wide receiver rotation is going to look like. It's difficult to know who's going to be throwing these guys the ball all season as well (more on that later).

Amari Cooper and David Njoku (tight end) are the two guys returning this season bringing the most consistency in that department. The Browns tried to force-feed the ball to trade acquisition Elijah Moore, but the results weren't good enough to prevent them from making another trade for Jerry Jeudy in the 2024 offseason.

With Cooper, Njoku, Moore, and Jeudy all atop the depth chart, it's hard to know exactly where someone like 2023 third-round pick Cedric Tillman fits into the equation, but it's got to be somewhere. Tillman -- unlike those other guys -- is a big-bodied receiver whose size is his best asset, and he has been putting that on display at OTAs.

There are just a lot of guys at this position group. Does that mean you can't get excited about someone like Tillman? Not at all, but perhaps expectations should be a bit tempered, at the very least. Still, he showed some nice things last year in the preseason and it's possible he could progress into the top three of this receiver group by the end of the 2024 season.