3 Browns Preparing for their Final Season in Cleveland

Which Browns players could be gone after this season?
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2. Elijah Moore, Wide Receiver

Another key player entering a contract year for the Browns in 2024 is wide receiver Elijah Moore. Moore was acquired in a trade last offseason with the New York Jets in which the Browns sent the Jets a second-round pick in return for Moore and a third-round pick.

Even though it was a pick swap and not just giving up a 2nd-round selection, the Browns gave up some pretty premium NFL Draft real estate to be able to get Moore on the roster, and he wasn't nearly good enough in his first year with the Browns.

He caught 59 passes for just 640 yards on 104 total targets, and wasn't able to effectively prove himself as a long-term option opposite Amari Cooper. Cooper, by the way, is the biggest free agent in the Browns have slated to hit the market in 2025, and they're almost certain to try to do whatever it takes to keep him around.

The Browns proved their lack of faith in Moore by making a trade in 2024 for former Denver Broncos first-round pick Jerry Jeudy. Not only did they swing the trade, but they gave Jeudy a new contract worth $52.5 million in total money.

This could be Moore's last ride in Cleveland.

3. Nick Chubb, Running Back

It's sad to even think about, but the 2024 season could be the last year for Nick Chubb in Cleveland.

If the Titans can say goodbye to Derrick Henry, then it's not impossible to think the Browns could say goodbye to Chubb.

Chubb has been the source of life for this Browns offense for the majority of his time in Cleveland. He's an absolute machine out there who racks up yardage after contact like almost none other in the NFL. Chubb's three-down abilities led to over 1,200 yards from scrimmage in four straight seasons from 2019-2022 in which he was named an All-Pro all four seasons.

Now, Chubb is coming off of a very scary season-ending injury in 2023. He's 29 going on 30, and he's slated to hit free agency in 2025.

If he comes out and absolutely dominates in 2024, there's a decent chance the Browns would work hard to bring him back. If he doesn't look like himself out there? This could be the end of Nick Chubb with the Cleveland Browns.

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