3 Browns Undrafted Free Agents Who Can Make the 53-Man Roster

Which Browns UDFAs could end up making it in 2024?
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2. Ahmarean Brown, WR/RS, South Carolina

If you want to know which undrafted free agents might have the best shot at making the roster early on, one of the best things to do is follow the money. The higher the guarantee, the more likely it is the team feels like a player can make the final roster.

That's certainly the case with South Carolina wide receiver/return man Ahmarean Brown, who was given a $170,000 guarantee by the Cleveland Browns after the 2024 NFL Draft.

Now, teams can give players guaranteed money like that and still whiff on the evaluation. Even a high guarantee like that for an undrafted player is no guarantee of a roster spot, but a player like Brown is intriguing. Especially given the NFL's new rule change when it comes to kickoff returns...

Brown had only a few punt and kickoff return opportunities at the college level, but he took one of them back for a touchdown. Okay, maybe it was a 10-yard blocked punt returned for a touchdown, but it still counts.

Brown had 4.37 speed and the ability to pluck the ball out of the air despite not having a great catch radius.

Although the Browns have a lot of guys at the receiver position right now, if Brown can differentiate himself in the return game, it could give him the inside track to a 53-man roster spot.