3 Cavaliers Primed to Disappoint in 2023-24 Season

Caris LeVert is one of the Cavs players most likely to disappoint fans in the upcoming season.
Caris LeVert is one of the Cavs players most likely to disappoint fans in the upcoming season. / David Richard-USA TODAY Sports
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Expectations are high among Cleveland Cavaliers fans this season. Not like "we should be the favorites to win the Eastern Conference" high, but there's absolutely belief that this team is capable of making a run to the NBA Finals.

And it's hard to deny that. This is a team loaded with young talent that returns the same core that made them dark horse contenders in the East last year.

But fans' enthusiasm has started to go too far. Seemingly every move the team makes is being greeted as "the one that finally puts the Cavs over the top," and some are going to be met with disappointment.

These three players in particular are poised to disappoint Cavaliers fans in the 2023-24 season.

Cavaliers Who Could Disappoint Fans This Season

1. Max Strus

Fans are really excited about how Max Strus fits into this offense. The core four of Donovan Mitchell, Darius Garland, Evan Mobley and Jarrett Allen needs a shooter to complement them. Someone who is a threat from 3-point range to keep defenses honest.

But let's look at a blind comparison real quick.


3-Pointers per 36 Minutes

3-Point Attempts per 36

3-Point Percentage

Player A




Player B




Player A is Max Strus in the 2022-23 season. Player B is Cedi Osman in the 2022-23 season.

And in the starting lineup there wasn't as much volume, but Isaac Okoro (.363) and Caris LeVert (.392) also both shot more accurately from 3-point range than Strus last year.

Are we sure Strus really transforms this offense the way we want him to? Even considering that last year was a big of a down year in 3-point percentage for Strus, his career average is .371 — still right in line with the accuracy we've already been getting.

I'm not saying Strus isn't an upgrade over Osman, and I'm not saying he doesn't have intriguing potential.

But these expectations that he will instantly transform the offense are totally premature, and setting fans up for some serious early-season disappointment.