3 Most Disappointing Browns Through the First Month of the Season

These guys need to step it up after the bye week.
3 Browns players who have been major disappointments thus far.
3 Browns players who have been major disappointments thus far. / Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
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With the Browns already in their bye week, it's a good time to do some reflecting and take stock of the first month of the season. Cleveland is 2-2 so far, which means the team has had its share of positives and negatives.

Unfortunately, we'd probably have a better record if some of our players had performed up to expectations.

Here are the three most disappointing Browns through the first month of the season.

3 Most Disappointing Browns Players

1. Deshaun Watson

When you're paying someone as much as we're paying Deshaun Watson, you expect him to a) actually play and b) play well.

Well, Watson has let us down on both fronts there. He did play in the first three games of the season, but sat out Week 4's pivotal matchup against the Ravens with a shoulder injury even though he was medically cleared to play.

In football, nobody is ever 100%. You need to play through aches and pains. That's the job, and you get paid pretty well to do it. Look at Joe Burrow, who's been playing on basically one leg for the Bengals this season and hasn't taken a single game off.

Instead, Watson hung his team out to dry, selfishly putting himself above his teammates. The Browns got crushed 28-3 without him, and we can only wonder how the game would've turned out if he'd been willing to play.

Then again, maybe the final result wouldn't have been too different. Watson hasn't been anywhere close to being the premier quarterback we thought we were getting when we signed him to that massive deal. He had a nice game against the Titans, but his 63.7% completion rate, 678 passing yards and 4:2 TD/INT ratio hardly scream elite.

Watson needs to step it up after the bye week if we want to make the playoffs.