3 Former Browns Still Unemployed as OTAs Arrive

Which former Browns players are still looking for jobs deep into the offseason?
Cleveland Browns
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3. Kareem Hunt, RB

There are a handful of things going against Kareem Hunt when it comes to his chances of getting a job anytime soon.

First of all, Hunt plays the running back position, which is being more and more devalued every year in the NFL.

Second, Hunt has a lot of mileage on him. The former Chiefs third-round pick is not yet 29 years old and he's already touched the ball 1,256 times at the NFL level for a total of 6,326 all-purpose yards.

Third, Hunt is coming off of a season in which he averaged just 3.0 yards per carry, easily the worst of his NFL career. The guy who used to break at least one or two tackles every time he touched the ball doesn't appear to be there anymore.

With that said, teams suffer injuries every year that will prompt interest in a player like Hunt. That's exactly what happened last year in his situation returning to Cleveland when Nick Chubb went down with a season-ending injury. But even the Browns have built contingencies to not need Hunt again, so where does he go from here?

The fourth thing against him are his off-field incidents from a handful of years back. Teams undoubtedly take that into consideration. Could Kareem Hunt be done in the NFL before the age of 29?

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