3 Former Cavaliers Cleveland Should Sign for a Reunion This Offseason

As free agency begins, Cleveland has a chance to bring back these former Cavaliers.
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LeBron James

Ok, let's dream a little bit. There is no indication that James is leaving Los Angeles. Some have spent the entire season speculating about where LeBron might be playing next season but now that the Lakers have his buddy JJ Redick as the head coach and his son Bronny as their latest draft pick, it's hard to see the 39-year-old sign elsewhere.

However, the fact that coming back to Cleveland would maximize his chances of winning another championship is undeniable. If he prioritizes winning in the final stage of his career, he isn't going to do better than the Cavs. Instead of the stacked Western Conference, he would be playing in the East with one of the best rosters in the conference. The only team he would have to take down would be the Boston Celtics.

There are obvious issues with this dream scenario. The Cavaliers don't have the cap space to sign James outright, so they would have to engineer a sign-and-trade if they want to bring their former superstar back. The Lakers would have to agree to this but if James wanted to sign in Cleveland, they would likely not stand in the way.

This would cost the Cavs all of their draft picks and presumably Darius Garland to make the salaries match. A Donovan Mitchell, LeBron James, Evan Mobley, and Jarrett Allen group would be an immediate title contender.

LeBron James is and always will be a Cleveland legend. Nothing will change that. But if he were to come back to win the Cavs another championship, that would put his status in this city to the next level.

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