3 Games Browns Must Win At All Costs on 2024 Schedule

The Cleveland Browns have one of the toughest schedules. Here are three games they need to win to make the postseason.
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The NFL schedule is out and teams have week-by-week breakdowns of their opponents for the 2024 campaign. The Cleveland Browns have the toughest schedule out of any team based on the winning percentage of their opponents last season.

This means that they can't afford to make any mistakes in their must-win games. The Browns have tough non-division matchups against the Dallas Cowboys, Philadelphia Eagles, and Kansas City Chiefs, so they need to win out against their beatable opponents to make the playoffs for the second straight year. Let's take a look at three games the Browns must win at all costs.

3 Must-Win Games on Browns 2024 Schedule

1. Week 7 vs. Bengals - Oct. 20, 1 P.M.

The Browns don't play a division rival until Week 7 of the season. They face the Bengals at home following three straight road games, and four road games out of the first six to start the season. Regardless of how they do in the road-heavy stretch, they need to win against Cincinnati at home to start building momentum heading into their bye in Week 10.

One of the most important factors that will decide the AFC North will be how Cleveland does against the Bengals and the Ravens at home. Since the Browns presumably need to take at least one of them down to make the playoffs, they can't afford dropping games to them at home.

Last season, the Browns defeated the Bengals 24-3 at home in Week 1. A similar score would provide much-needed inspiration for the rest of the season.