3 Head Coaches the Cavaliers Should Hire With Latest JB Bickerstaff Rumors

The Cleveland Cavaliers should turn to one of these head coaches if they move on from JB Bickerstaff.
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3. Chris Quinn

If Cleveland wants to find a long-term head coach who will ideally be there for the next decade, Chris Quinn might be their man for the job. Long-term assistant coach of the Miami Heat, Quinn has been learning from one of the greatest coaches of all-time, Erik Spoelstra.

Quinn has long been considered one of the best assistant coaches in the league, and the consensus is that he is going to have a chance to coach his own team sooner than later.

Why shouldn't the Cavs be the team to give him that chance?

Quinn is already familiar with the Cavs as he finished his playing career in Cleveland when he played in seven games in the 2012-13 season. He then went on to pursue a career in coaching and was hired by the Heat in 2014.

Once referred to as Spoelstra's "mini-me", Quinn reportedly represents everything the Heat culture stands for. It seems like no team in the NBA will ever be able to poach Spoelstra from Miami, so why not try to hire the next best thing?

Quinn has previously interviewed for head coaching positions around the NBA but those didn't come to fruition. A young, hungry head coach for a young team hungry for success might be an excellent combination.

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