3 Moves the Cavaliers Can Make With Donovan Mitchell Re-Signing Official

The Cleveland Cavaliers re-signed Donovan Mitchell to a contract extension. What's next?
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2. Trade for Brandon Ingram

The Cleveland Cavaliers haven't found a solution for their massive hole at small forward for multiple years now. They have two undersized guards and two bigs whose best position is center as their core four players. That is not exactly a winning formula in the modern NBA.

The Cavs need to rebalance their roster and add more forwards. As they are currently constructed, they don't have a scoring threat on the wing or someone who can defend the wings on the opposing team. With the likes of Jayson Tatum, Jaylen Brown, Paul George, and Mikal Bridges in the Eastern Conference, Cleveland needs to find their own offensive creator on the wing to match up with them.

Brandon Ingram is the perfect trade target for that role. He is entering the final year of his contract and the New Orleans Pelicans have made him available in trades. The Pelicans are looking for a center to pair with Zion Williamson and it has been reported that they are interested in Jarrett Allen.

A trade centered around Ingram and Allen would be a win for both sides. Ingram makes $36 million for next season and Allen only $20 million, so there will have to be more players involved. But the Cavs have Georges Niang, Caris LeVert, or Max Strus who they can include in the deal to make the math work.

This way, Mobley would slide into his natural position at center and Cleveland would have a much more balanced starting lineup with Garland, Mitchell, Ingram, and Mobley as their core four.