3 Offensive Line Trades the Browns Must Pursue

What offensive line trades could the Cleveland Browns look into making?
Cleveland Browns
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2. Jonah Williams, Bengals

Trades within the same division don't usually happen, but I do feel like we've seen them happen more and more often in recent years. A team we just talked about, the Minnesota Vikings, has made several trades with the Detroit Lions and Green Bay Packers in recent years.

Perhaps they will set a bit of a trend around the league, and maybe they will open the minds of other general managers to do the same. That could ultimately lead to the Bengals and Browns coming together on a deal, although I feel of the suggestions I'm making this one is the least likely to actually happen.

The reality is, Jonah Williams had asked for a trade out of Cincinnati, and he wasn't granted his request. The former first-round pick out of Alabama is currently playing on the final year of his rookie contract and you almost just expect that the Bengals aren't going to retain him one way or the other.

In that vein, they risk losing value for him.

Perhaps the Browns could throw a pick at the Bengals for Williams, and they can figure out the fallout of the right tackle position. Although he's currently playing on the right side for Cincinnati, he could move to the left side for Cleveland, or he could perhaps play the guard position.

Williams is playing well at right tackle, so I doubt the Bengals are interested in this right now, but if their record is bad at the deadline, perhaps we see them do a little selling.