3 Players the Browns Need to Give Contract Extensions During the Season

Let's lock them up while we still can!

Amari Cooper should get a contract extension from the Browns during the 2023 season.
Amari Cooper should get a contract extension from the Browns during the 2023 season. / Charles LeClaire-USA TODAY Sports
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3. Donovan Peoples-Jones

Sorry to anyone who was hoping to see Nick Chubb in this story. A team spending $63 million on a quarterback, has a veteran offensive line and that leans on its defense just can't afford a top-end running back contract. Chubb is going to get himself paid, but not by the Browns. Instead, we're looking at a more cost-effective option.

Like Cooper, Donovan Peoples-Jones could get a lot more expensive to extend if Deshaun Watson gets things going.

The 24-year-old didn’t have much of an impact in Week 1, but he’s clearly still a major part of Cleveland's plans on offense, having played 89% of the available snaps. That was right in line with the huge 90% rate he played last year.

A trio of Cooper, DPJ and Elijah Moore with David Njoku at tight end will help soften the blow when we ultimately lose Chubb, too.

It won't be the most exciting contract extension in the world, but keeping Peoples-Jones is the kind of solid foundational move that Berry shouldn't shy away from.

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