3 Players Browns Should Sign After First Week of Free Agency

Who should the Cleveland Browns go after next in NFL free agency?

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3. Darnay Holmes, CB

Another player who could be intriguing given the Browns' roster currently is former New York Giants fourth-round draft pick Darnay Holmes. Holmes has been in the league for four years now, but even with his dynamic skill set coming out of UCLA, he hasn't been able to carve out a consistent role.

But there is intrigue remaining here.

Holmes only played 123 total defensive snaps last season for the Giants and still managed to have two interceptions and a forced fumble. That's productive even for guys who played 400 snaps.

Over the course of his career, Holmes has been targeted in coverage 160 total times according to Pro Football Reference, and he's only been credited with allowing one touchdown in coverage. There might be more here than meets the eye.

Holmes was considered to be a potential slot option at the NFL level when he was coming out of LSU, and I think that option still remains for a team like the Browns. There have been rumblings of Greg Newsome potentially being on the block for some time now, and whether the Browns keep Newsome or not, a player like Holmes could be really good depth for this team.

He can also contribute in every phase of special teams.

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