3 Potential Busts the Browns Must Avoid With Top Draft Pick

Which prospects do the Browns need to avoid with their top draft pick?

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2. Spencer Rattler, QB, South Carolina

This might seem like an obvious statement, but the Browns don't need to be reaching on a quarterback with the 54th overall pick. I think there's some merit to the idea, which hasn't really been talked about a lot, but the Browns are going to need a better contingency plan for Deshaun Watson going forward.

We saw last year the Browns ditched their top contingency plan by trading Joshua Dobbs, and that didn't work out well for them.

At least, not until Joe Flacco miraculously revived his career late last season.

The idea of picking Spencer Rattler at pick 54 overall probably doesn't appeal to a lot of people right now, and would certainly be controversial. The Browns could justify it given the fact that Deshaun Watson has only appeared in 12 games over the last three years.

Someone like Spencer Rattler could come in and give you a low-risk, high-upside option...if you take him in the third round. If you're taking this player in the second round? That raises the level of expectations substantially.

The Browns aren't really in a position to be able to do that, but if Rattler is still there in round three, the conversation changes. But you can't risk him flaming out and using a second-round pick on a contingency plan.