3 Prospects the Browns Should Trade Up for in NFL Draft

The Cleveland Browns don't have immediate needs ahead of the draft but they should still consider trading up for these prospects.
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Edgerrin Cooper, LB

Cleveland is bringing most of its defensive starters back. Top rushers, cornerbacks, and safeties are back. And considering that this team was the best defensive unit in the NFL last year, that should provide Browns fans a big sigh of relief.

However, the defensive line is aging. They lost Anthony Walker Jr. as well as his backup, Sione Takitaki in free agency. They replaced them with veteran Jordan Hicks. He is a solid addition but he is also 32.

This opens a need at linebacker, not only for next season but also going forward. Edgerrin Cooper of Texas A&M fits exactly what the Browns need. After finishing his final year in the SEC with 84 tackles, 17 tackles for loss, and eight sacks, Cooper established himself as one of the best linebacker prospects in the draft.

Receiving a 90.8 overall grade on PFF, Cooper is the prototypical modern linebacker. He is versatile, dynamic, and athletic with exceptional lateral quickness. One of his weaknesses is considered to be the need to bulk up but he would have plenty of time to do that in Cleveland as he is slowly integrated into the lineup.

There is a chance Cooper might be there for the Browns' 54th overall pick. If he is, that is a no-brainer selection. If he isn't he might be worth moving up a few spots for.