3 Realistic Browns Trade Targets This Offseason

What are some realistic trades the Cleveland Browns could look into this offseason?

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After making the blockbuster trade for Deshaun Watson a couple of years ago, what is and isn't within the realm of realism for the Cleveland Browns might be up for interpretation. The Browns have made franchise-altering trades over the last couple of offseasons, including the Watson trade along with the Amari Cooper trade with the Dallas Cowboys.

Whether we're talking about blockbuster deals or under-the-radar moves, there are going to be trades available to Cleveland this offseason, and acquiring proven veteran players with their somewhat limited NFL Draft capital might be a better investment of their assets than getting rookies.

At least in some instances.

What are some realistic moves we could see the Browns pursue to acquire talent this offseason?

1. Trade for Broncos OT Garett Bolles

One trade idea that came up even before the deadline during last season is the idea of Garett Bolles coming in from the Denver Broncos.

Bolles was really solid this past year under new head coach Sean Payton and offensive line coach Zach Strief, and he is no stranger to playing in new offenses or for different offensive line coaches. Adding Bolles at the left tackle position could stabilize a shaky left tackle position for the Browns, who could be looking to trade former first-round pick Jedrick Wills this offseason.

Wills, even if the Browns aren't able to trade him, is coming off of a season-ending injury. Geron Christian is headed for free agency. The Broncos could be willing to trade the veteran Bolles (entering a contract year in 2024 himself) as well as take on some of his salary in order to get a 3rd-round pick in return.

The Broncos could replenish some much-needed NFL Draft capital while the Browns temporarily raise the floor at left tackle, likely at a discounted price.