3 Realistic Browns Trade Targets This Offseason

What are some realistic trades the Cleveland Browns could look into this offseason?

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3. Trade for Chargers WR Mike Williams

Word has already gotten out that the Los Angeles Chargers could be willing to trade or even cut veteran wide receiver Mike Williams if it comes down to it.

The fact that rumors of Williams getting cut are out there already means that teams could wait for him to hit the open market, but if you let a player hit the open market, then you have to deal with the fact that the player might not want to sign with your team.

If the Chargers are willing to move on from a player like Williams for a mid-late round draft selection, especially given his $17 million base salary, then it might be worth the while for a team like the Cleveland Browns.

Historically speaking, Williams has not been the most "available" receiver in the NFL, and there would be some obvious risk attached to a move like this because of that. He's also coming off of an injury last year, and would likely need to pass a physical in order for any trade to go through. But the Browns could eliminate the possibility of another team signing Williams by trading for him, and it might be a smart move on their part.

Williams has great size and wins downfield consistently. Even though he's going to be 30 this season, getting him on the final year of his current deal and taking the risk that he might cost you a million bucks per game could be worth the while for Cleveland. It would be especially worthwhile if the Chargers took on a portion of his salary as well.

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