3 Trades the Browns Need to Make Before the NFL Draft

The Cleveland Browns could continue to stay active on the trade market

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Cleveland Browns general manager Andrew Berry has been one of the most aggressive in the NFL over the last handful of years at assembling his roster and utilizing team-friendly trades to do so. Well, the Deshaun Watson trade wasn't exactly team-friendly, but landing players like Amari Cooper for late-round NFL draft capital, a pick swap to take a risk on Elijah Moore, a couple of late-round picks for Jerry Jeudy...there are plenty of examples of Berry being both measured and aggressive on the trade market.

Which should lead us to believe, then, that he's not yet done wheeling and dealing with the 2024 NFL Draft looming.

There are still some potential trades that could make sense for the Browns before the 2024 NFL Draft, and we're going to try to peg what those could end up being.

1. Trade for Broncos LT Garett Bolles

The Denver Broncos find themselves in an interesting predicament right now with a huge dead cap hit from quarterback Russell Wilson lingering over their entire 2024 offseason.

The Broncos haven't been spending big in NFL free agency as a result, but they are also still missing a second-round pick in this year's draft. Perhaps Garett Bolles isn't worth the Browns' second-round pick, but he's a very good player at the left tackle position and would be a much more reliable option than Jedrick Wills.

We know the line of communication between the Browns and Broncos is open after the Jerry Jeudy trade, so could Bolles be the next Bronco to make his way to Cleveland? If the price is right, this one could make a lot of sense.