4 Cavaliers on the Trade Block This Offseason

The Cleveland Cavaliers will be aggressive in reshaping the roster this offseason. Here are four players most likely to be traded.
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Jarrett Allen

The other member of the core four who is likely to be traded is Jarrett Allen. The 26-year-old center is on a team-friendly contract, paying him $20 million per year for the next two seasons.

Allen has shown significant improvement every year he has been in the league. Now, after seven seasons, he has established himself as one of the best two-way centers in the league. He can score, rebound, make plays on the short roll, and protect the rim. Almost any team would be happy to start him at center.

Unfortunately, the Cavs may not be one of those teams because they already have Evan Mobley. The Cavs had a vision of playing Mobley at power forward next to Allen. Even though that worked well on the defensive end, it severely restricted Cleveland's offensive potential. The two players proved to be a bad fit next to each other due to their lack of shooting.

Therefore, one of them has to be moved. Because Mobley is younger and has more potential, it makes sense that Allen gets traded. If the Cavs can get a starting forward and move Mobley to the five, they would be a more balanced and dangerous team.