4 Cavaliers Playing Their Final Postseason in Cleveland

The Cleveland Cavaliers are entering a pivotal postseason. It may be the last playoffs in a Cavs jersey for a few key players.
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3. Isaac Okoro

The former fifth-overall pick never lived up to the expectations Cavs fans were hoping for. His offensive game never blossomed enough to make him a valuable starting-level shooting guard. Yet, Isaac Okoro is still an important piece for this team and should have plenty of suitors around the league.

Okoro's contract expires at the end of the season. Two sides failed to agree to a contract extension following his rookie-scale deal. And this is understandable.

As good as Okoro is defensively, he lacks the size and strength to really be effective against the bigger wings. He is great at guarding the ball-handler and smaller guards but at 6'5", he lacks the size to match up against the Eastern Conference stars like Jayson Tatum or Jimmy Butler. The Cavaliers desperately need someone to take on those assignments while being able to hit open shots.

He is a much-improved shooter as he makes 38.6% of his threes this season but he is still left wide open out there, further creating spacing issues for the team. Considering the fact that the Cavaliers are about to get expensive with an extension to Mobley and potentially to Donovan Mitchell, they don't have the luxury to give a lucrative contract to someone like Okoro who doesn't project to start or close games for this team.