4 Former Browns Failing Miserably With Their New Teams in 2023

These former Cleveland Browns were hoping for a fresh start but so far, 2023 has not gone their way

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1. Odell Beckham, Jr., WR, Cleveland Browns

This player might not have been let go ahead of the 2023 season but this is still his first full campaign away from Cleveland since the Browns moved on.

Back in 2019, John Dorsey was running things and went out of his way to add star power to the roster. He drafted Baker Mayfield and traded for Jarvis Landry, Odell Beckham, Jr., and Olivier Vernon in a two-year period. He would also trade away players who could provide solid depth such as Emmanuel Ogbah, which ultimately led to his demise. Still, he was beloved for saying "buddy boy" and going all-in for the big names.

Eventually, his lack of depth became his undoing as every injury was catastrophic. Still, he added some decent players including OBJ, who had 1,035 yards in 2019. To show how good he is as a player, that was considered a "down year" for him.

The problem was that he couldn't work with Mayfield. The two never had any public feuds amongst one another but Beckham's dad did post a video on Social Media of Mayfield failing to get OBJ the ball in 2021. Eventually, he was granted his release and won a Super Bowl with the Rams that year. He also tore his ACL in the win and sat out all of 2022 while rehabbing.

Surprisingly, he was able to secure a contract with $15 million in guaranteed money for one season in Baltimore and so far, the Ravens have not gotten a solid return on their investment. Beckham hasn't been terrible but he's averaging just 2.7 receptions per game and has 408 yards with two touchdowns. That's nowhere close to what someone with such a contract should be producing.

Beckham was once a premier wideout but at this point, he's someone who has a larger name than what he brings to the field.

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