4 studs (& 1 dud) from Cleveland Browns Week 6 win vs. 49ers

The Cleveland Browns pull off a surprising victory against the 49ers in Week 6, thanks to stellar performances from key players and a dominant secondary

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Dud: Elijah Moore, WR

You can't be too harsh on any Browns' offensive player in this particular game because of the tough opponent and because the unit was being led by a backup quarterback, but Elijah Moore continues to be a disappointment this season for the Browns.

After such a massive offseason, Moore was expected to come out and just absolutely dominate to start this season. The preseason made it look like Moore was right at Amari Cooper's heels as the top receiving threats in this offense. Moore was going to unlock a new element in the passing game.

He hasn't come close to living up to that hype.

Although he helped draw a couple of important flags late in the game, Moore finished this one with 27 total yards from scrimmage on 5 touches.

The Browns perhaps need to stop using Moore like he's a gimmick player and get him running more downfield routes. At some point, running horizontally all the time and getting horrible results in the yards per play or yards per touch requires a change in strategy.

Part of this is perhaps Moore's fault, but he's proven that he's a talented player and so part of his dud afternoon is also on the coaching staff. They need to find ways to unlock Moore to have a more dynamic passing attack.