5 Browns Still on Thin Ice After Surviving the Trade Deadline

Which Cleveland Browns players are still on thin ice after surviving the trade deadline?
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2. Elijah Moore, WR

I don't know if you could consider Elijah Moore's playing time as being on thin ice after the Donovan Peoples-Jones trade, but here's an interesting factoid about the Cleveland Browns' wide receiver rotation: Peoples-Jones was the team leader in snaps at WR this season.

One of those believe it or not types of stats. Peoples-Jones had out-snapped all of the other receivers in Cleveland this season and that is one of a variety of ways the Elijah Moore move has been disappointing thus far. Moore has still played plenty. He's still second on the team in targets. But averaging just 9.5 yards per reception and 7.6 yards per touch is not what the Cleveland Browns were expecting when they made the trade with the New York Jets this offseason.

Moore has to be better, or players like Marquise Goodwin, Cedric Tillman, and David Bell are going to play more.

3. The offensive line

I think you could look at any number of players on the Cleveland Browns' offensive line as still being on thin ice after the trade deadline. Shockingly, the Browns didn't find a way to trade for Ezra Cleveland, who was made available by the Vikings and acquired by the Jacksonville Jaguars.

With Cleveland's versatility to play guard or tackle, and possibly be an option beyond this season at left tackle, it's surprising that the Browns weren't in on that, even with the struggles they've had up front this season. I think the Browns could still consider making some changes on the offensive line if need be at any point this season, but those changes will now be in-house moves as opposed to trade deadline moves.