5 Most Likely Donovan Mitchell Trade Destinations

What would the options be for the Cleveland Cavaliers if they were to trade Donovan Mitchell this summer?
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2. Miami Heat

Another team that might want to pair Donovan Mitchell with its current collection of stars could be the Miami Heat. Pat Riley & Co. are always star chasing down in South Beach and they desperately need to find one before Jimmy Butler gets too old.

After striking out on Damian Lillard last summer, the Heat can't afford to lose the Donovan Mitchell sweepstakes as well. A Mitchell-Butler-Adebayo trio could make serious noise in the Eastern Conference as Mitchell fills a dire need for the Heat -- high-level shot creation.

The Heat have a few intriguing assets the Cavs should be interested in. Jaime Jaquez Jr. will likely be the main piece headed to Cleveland after his impressive rookie season. Nikola Jovic is another young prospect that the Cavs should definitely be interested in.

Also, salaries need to be matched using Tyler Herro or Duncan Robinson. They are not the ideal two-way players but the Cavs can always use more shooting.

The Heat can trade three first-round picks for Mitchell. Plus Jaquez and Jovic should get it done for Cleveland.