5 Most Likely Donovan Mitchell Trade Destinations

What would the options be for the Cleveland Cavaliers if they were to trade Donovan Mitchell this summer?
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4. Houston Rockets

If the Rockets were truly interested in Donovan Mitchell, they could send the Cavs the best offer possible. Houston is loaded with young talent and draft picks and Cleveland can take its pick in trade negotiations.

Mitchell would be an intriguing fit in Houston. Fred VanVleet is the type of off-ball point guard, who could thrive next to Donovan Mitchell; while taking on the tough defensive assignments on the other end.

The Rockets are already a solid team that took a major step this season under Ime Udoka. Mitchell at age 27 fits their timeline as he could be part of that core for the next five years while in his prime. With Mitchell in the starting lineup, the Rockets would immediately be a playoff team as soon as next season.

The main piece the Rockets have to offer Cleveland is Jalen Green. Since Mitchell would be directly replacing Green, the Rockets would presumably be open to trading him, albeit reluctantly. The 22-year-old shooting guard has a ton of athleticism and scoring punch but hasn't been able to put it all together yet. The former second-overall pick might be the young asset with the most upside the Cavs could get in a potential Mitchell trade.

Add another young player like Tari Eason and a first-round pick or two, and the Rockets might have the offer to beat in the Mitchell sweepstakes.