5 Most Likely Kevin Stefanski Replacements if Browns Move On After Disappointing Season

Who could the Cleveland Browns turn to if they cut ties with Kevin Stefanski
Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns
Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns / Harry How/GettyImages
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4. Jim Harbaugh, Michigan Head Coach

Let's just throw this name in the hat because Jim Harbaugh rumors come up just about every year.

Now, Harbaugh has come under some serious fire with the NCAA lately, and I think he passed up on one too many opportunities to make the jump to the NFL already. As much as Harbaugh loves Michigan, I get the impression that he's flirting with the NFL not just for leverage with the Wolverines program.

At some point, Harbaugh is going to want to make that jump back to the big leagues, but he may be holding out for a Championship with Michigan before he leaves. There's a real chance that can happen this season and if it does, perhaps Harbaugh will be open to leaving Ann Arbor for the highest NFL bidder.

I know fans in Ohio may not be overly excited at bringing in a guy from TTUN, but if Andrew Berry doesn't want to roll the dice on an unproven coordinator, Harbaugh is probably the most capable "win-now" type head coach on the market. When he took over the 49ers in 2011 he won 13 games his first season, went to the Super Bowl in his second and won 12 games in his third.

Don't let your Ohio State fandom sour you on an idea that could really help the Browns.