5 Most Likely Kevin Stefanski Replacements if Browns Move On After Disappointing Season

Who could the Cleveland Browns turn to if they cut ties with Kevin Stefanski
Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns
Kevin Stefanski, Cleveland Browns / Harry How/GettyImages
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5. Drew Petzing, Cardinals Offensive Coordinator

This would really be quite the story if it happened, but Drew Petzing has thrown his name into the mix for future NFL head coach candidates in recent years.

He has worked with Kevin Stefanski in the past, so perhaps this would be too close to the same brand if the Browns were going to move on from Stefanski. Or maybe that familiarity with a system Stefanski has put in place in Cleveland could help.

Petzing's work in Arizona this year deserves some serious credit (10th in offensive DVOA) and he has a history with the organization. I think this one might not really excite the Cleveland fan base all that much but Petzing could be an intriguing candidate who has worked in a variety of capacities all over the offense.

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