5 Things Browns Fans Need to Know About Dorian Thompson-Robinson

Who is Dorian Thompson-Robinson, beyond just being Deshaun Watson's backup?
Dorian Thompson-Robinson may not be a household name, but Browns fans know just how exciting a prospect he is.
Dorian Thompson-Robinson may not be a household name, but Browns fans know just how exciting a prospect he is. / Ken Blaze-USA TODAY Sports
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5. This would be a brutal matchup for Thompson-Robinson's debut

Whether it's just the way their defense plays or a benefit of practicing against Lamar Jackson, the Baltimore Ravens' defense is incredibly good at keeping mobile quarterbacks in check.

For a dual-threat rookie like Thompson-Robinson, removing one of his biggest weapons from his game would make everything else that much more difficult.

The Ravens haven’t really been tested by a rushing quarterback this year, but in 2022 they held opposing passers to just 13.7 rushing yards per game — the eighth-fewest in the NFL. Stats like that can often just come down to who you played against (a team that faces Lamar twice a year will naturally give up more QB rushing yards than one who doesn’t, for example), but even good rushers struggled against Baltimore. Daniel Jones, for example, had just 6 yards on 6 carries, but he was the NFL's fifth-leading rusher at the position.

The Browns' offensive line is elite, which can really help a young quarterback. But the line doesn't offer much assistance when you're out of the pocket scrambling, so it would just be DTR against the Ravens' D in those situations. Not a friendly matchup for a rookie.

He showed in the preseason that he can totally get the job done with his arm, so this isn't to say that he's doomed if he doesn't get running room, but it definitely makes things more difficult.

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