6 Browns on Thin Ice Following the 2024 NFL Draft

Which Cleveland Browns players are on thin ice after the 2024 NFL Draft?
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3. Shelby Harris & Siaki Ika, DL

The defensive line overall is a major strength for the Cleveland Browns, and we saw them reach even another level last year with the depth at Jim Schwartz's disposal.

The Browns have the best defensive player in the game currently in Myles Garrett coming off the edge. Za'Darius Smith is a high-impact player off the edge on the other side. The Browns have depth all over the interior defensive line as well with Dalvin Tomlinson, Maurice Hurst, veteran free agent acquisition Quinton Jefferson, and veteran Shelby Harris.

After the 2024 NFL Draft, it's clear that Harris and 2023 third-round pick Siaki Ika are on the hot seat or treading thin ice. Not that the Browns will definitely cut them, but the selections of Michael Hall Jr. (2nd round) and Jowan Briggs (7th round) at least make you wonder.

Certainly, the Browns will want to get Hall involved in the rotation as quickly as possible. He's a lighter interior defensive tackle but versatile and a threat from several different alignments up front. Briggs was a sleeper pick late in the draft, but he's a high-effort player who will be tough to cut.

A player like Harris -- on a one-year deal and aging -- could be the odd man out if the Browns get into a numbers crunch with the roster.