6 Browns on Thin Ice Following the 2024 NFL Draft

Which Cleveland Browns players are on thin ice after the 2024 NFL Draft?
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4. Elijah Moore, WR

The Cleveland Browns once again did some shuffling at the wide receiver position in 2024, starting with the big trade to acquire former Denver Broncos first-round pick Jerry Jeudy.

Jeudy wasn't a 2024 NFL Draft pick, but the Browns did use two selections from this year's class to get Jeudy off of Denver's hands, and they gave him a big contract extension right after that.

Having Amari Cooper and Jeudy is going to give the Browns two consistent threats at the receiver position, and in combination with tight end David Njoku, you can't help but feel like Elijah Moore is the odd man out in all of this.

Is there anything wrong with having good depth at the position? Absolutely not. The Browns will certainly benefit from having a deep group of receivers. But Elijah Moore was acquired to do more than provide depth. He was supposed to be a featured piece of the offense.

With former third-round picks David Bell and Cedric Tillman also pushing for snaps, the Browns drafted Jamari Thrash in the fifth round to add even more depth to this position group. It's not hard to see a scenario where someone like Elijah Moore is traded at the end of the preseason.