6 Browns on Thin Ice in the 2024 Offseason

Which Cleveland Browns are on thin ice in the 2024 offseason?
Cleveland Browns
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6. Kevin Stefanski, Head Coach

This one is interesting, because I don't personally perceive Kevin Stefanski as being on the hot seat or anything in 2024. Every NFL coach is technically on the hot seat, but the job Stefanski did in 2023 should undoubtedly buy him a couple of years, right?

Stefanski may not be on the "hot seat" but I think he's definitely on thin ice heading into the 2024 season. If Andrew Berry is on thin ice for the Deshaun Watson move, then he and Stefanski may be going down with the same ship, right?

It's not like Stefanski is going to be absolved if that ends up being a complete failure.

But the reason Stefanski finds himself skating on thin ice this offseason is really due to the fact that the expectations are going to be much higher for the Browns in 2024. Fans are going to expect the team to be able to win at least 11 games, certainly if the roster is healthier. They are going to expect contention in the AFC North.

And I don't think those expectations are unwarranted. Stefanski needs to do more than just get the best out of injury replacements. He needs to take this team to the next level. Especially because of how much success Baker Mayfield is having elsewhere, people have pointed the finger directly at Stefanski, wondering why he couldn't make that work.

The Browns fired offensive coordinator Alex Van Pelt and a number of other assistants as we speak. There is a clear message being sent by the organization that anything less than winning in the postseason might result in jobs being lost.

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