6 Browns Players Fans Will Be Sad to See Leave in Free Agency

The NFL is a tough business and while players know this, fans will still be sad to see these 6 Cleveland Browns head elsewhere in 2024
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3. Kareem Hunt, RB

When the 2023 season kicked off, the Browns had decided to move on from Kareem Hunt. Then, Nick Chubb went down with a knee injury and the hometown running back was called upon once again. Even with his experience in the league, however, he was behind second-year back Jerome Ford.

Hunt was primarily used in short-yardage situations and while he had nine touchdowns on the year, he managed just 3.0 yards per attempt. It was clear he lost a step but there were also questions as to why he wasn't getting more opportunities.

Perhaps former running backs coach Stump Mitchell shed some light on that when he left. Mitchell spoke about his tenure with the team and said he was never able to get Hunt to reach his potential, even trying to bring in help to coax him.

"Well, the thing that I couldn't do while I was there is get the best out of Kareem. If they bring him back, I hope the next coach will be able to get the best out of Kareem. As a coach, all you want to do is to make a player better, but I wasn't able to get him to not be the last guy in meetings, not to be out at practice on time. Kareem is a hell of a player, but this is a team game, you know, and I tried to use every avenue that I could with Jacoby Brissett, also Deshaun, those guys talking to him." — Mitchell on Kareem Hunt

Even with Mitchell gone, the rest of the staff might feel the same way. Throw in the decline in yardage and it's time for fans to say goodbye to the Cleveland native.